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Muktaa Charitable Foundation is a not-for-profit, public trust formed by socially conscious citizens (Registration no: Maha 1215/2010 Pune). Muktaa began its journey on 5th October 2005 with 1 counselor and 1 phone line. Today we have 12 counselors on 10 lines; taking more than 100 calls a day! Envisaged, shaped and managed by like-minded individuals,Muktaa has been steadily

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Feedback From Client

  • I do not know from where you get so much energy and patience to talk and guide!
  • I feel its my right to take information from you; I do not want to discuss it with parents and friends.
  • Whenever I feel lonely or scared, you always give me invaluable support via helpline.
  • I got very useful information. How can I volunteer for the helpline?
  • I feel that I am talking with God!
  • I had not discussed my HIV positive status with anyone, I shared it with you only after I heard your cordial and endearing voice.
  • I really got an opportunity to open my heart and get rid of my feelings of guilt about my HIV status.


  • Samvad HIV AIDS Helpline Till date we have catered to more than 1,50,000 callers with information and counselling on HIV
  • AASHA Project So far we have 15,000 calls from this service
  • Call Back Service We have been able to address the situation for 4000 callers so far
  • Project WE CAN Till date we have trained 600 doctors in oral cancer screening and tobacco de-addiction
  • Samvad TB Helpline We have received 150+ calls for TB related queries
  • Sampark ProjectSo far we have received 3500 calls from this service
  • Ankur Project We have partnered with AIDS Orphan organization from U.K and have counseled 12 HIV positive children till date
  • Sakav Project So far more than 300 students have benefited from the interactive sessions which were conducted