How big and long should the normal penis be?

Scientifically speaking, the penis should be long enough to reach into the vagina and deliver sperms into it. There is no relation between the size of the penis and the ability to produce sexual climax (orgasm) and satisfy one’s partner.

At what age  does penile erection start and till what age does it last?

Erection of the penis can occur even in childhood. Children often get penile erections during the passage of urine and stools. There are no sexual feelings underlying these erections. As pubertal changes start occurring the sex organs mature. The psychosexual maturation during adolescence can lead to penile erection associated with sexual arousal. Manual stimulation of the penis can result in erection. This capability is observed even in old age.


How long does the penis remain erect in sexual intercourse?

The penis becomes erect after sexual arousal and remains erect till the ejaculation of semen takes place. Its duration can vary in each intercourse as it depends on the time taken to reach the peak level of sexual stimulation in a male. However, in certain conditions there can be a failure to get an erection or to sustain it long enough (also called premature ejaculation). The failure to get penile erection may be due to certain organic diseases and psychological  disturbances.


Does “curved” penis interfere with the ability to perform sex?

There is lot of individual variation in the shape i.e. the curve, size and length of the penis. However, it does not interfere with the ability to perform sexual intercourse. Normally, the pensi is at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees to the body, which corresponds to the angle of the vagina. Very rarely, the penis may be severely curved due to certain disorders. Such conditions can be corrected surgically. These conditions being rare, one should not worry about the possibility of their presence in oneself. The shape of the penis does not affect sexual pleasure or reproductive capacity, as the vagina is an elastic organ.


Why does the penis stand erect during the early hours of morning?

When we sleep our level of consciousness passes  through two phases, which are recognized by eye movements during sleep. These two physiological phases of sleep, which keep on alternating in cycles during the sleep are called rapid eye  movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. We sleep fast and deep during NREM sleep. However, when we pass into the REM sleep, there is a bizarre activity in the brain. Generally, we tend to dream during this period. Sometimes, an individual is likely to have erotic dreams during the REM sleep. The penile erection may take place at that time. The penis is likely to become erect on five to six occasions during the sleep. If one wakes up during the REM sleep, he may find a coincident erection in the morning. At the same time, urine accumulates in the urinary bladder during night time and it presses over the prostate and seminal vesicles. This leads to a simultaneous increase in blood flow to the genital organs leading to erection. Penile erection during sleep is a normal, harmless phenomenon.


Are there any medicines to increase the duration of erection of the penis?

No scientifically proven medicine is available as yet. These sexual stimulants are also called ‘Aphrodisiacs’. People have used many unproven, untested substances as aphrodisiacs in the past such as alcohol, marijuana, LSD, Spanish fly, horn of the Rhinoceros, Yohimbine etc. However, all them appear to “work” in people who believe it will work due to a commonly observed effect  called the “placebo effect”.


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