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1. Many of those infected are in the HIV infection is preventable is most cases.
2. HIV infection can managed if dealt with early, much like blood pressure or diabetes.
3. Most AIDS deaths are preventable.
4. HIV affects lives beyond the infection. It affects families, productive work life, savings, and livelihood and so on. The high human and social cost of HIV is avoidable.

Yes, we can make a difference, if we decide to

How your support can help us

We have dreams…We have commitment….We have dedication….We have a focused vision……
What we need is partners/sponsors to join us in our endeavor.

The annual budget for the Samvad HIV Helpline for the year 2014-2015 is 40 lakhs. Our foundation operates solely through donations from our generous well wishers and friends. We seek your support to towards Samvad Helpline operation costs. Any amount, small of big, will be a blessing for us and for the affected population of India.

We request you to reach out to us for more details.
With warm regards,
Dr Madhu Oswal

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