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The prime movers for our work are all volunteers. They don’t just help, but they actually conceptualize, lead and manage our initiatives. Indeed the spirit, enthusiasm and energy of volunteers are the reasons why our work has been so successful.

Here is a clarion call to all citizens of India! Come, join us! Be the change that you desire to see in the world.

Wherever you are, however much time you can give, whatever your skills, you can participate. Even if you have just 4 hours in a month, you can participate. You can do it from the comfort of your office or home or, you can get down on the field. The choice is yours.

What’s in there for you:

A chance to network with like-minded people
An opportunity to know more about people around you
An opportunity to give something meaningful back to the society
A chance to work on real-life critical issues
An opportunity to do real-time groundwork

Here are some examples of what volunteers have done:

Conceptualized new projects and started them up, managed them
Fund raising, promotion work, co-ordination with other NGOs, leading press conferences
Provided strategic inputs, medical expertise, technological support
Brand Building for MCF
People management and people healing



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The sky is not the limit! Talk to us about what you can do.
Call 020 2638 3456 or write to us at contactus@mcf.org.in