High Risk Behaviour

Since we fight shy of talking about sex, people hold several myths about risk and risky behavior.

Some of the common myths:

1. Anal and oral sex do not lead to spread of HIV. With anal sex the risks are many time higher.
2. Contraceptives can give protection. Truth: Only condom (barrier contraception) can prevent the spread. Oral contraception does not provide any protection from HIV.
3. Condoms reduce pleasure
4. There are no alternatives to penetrative sex: Body sex and masturbation are safe alternatives
5. Masturbation is unnatural – not true. It’s a completely natural response to the sexual urge.
6. Risk is limited to sex with sex workers and call girls. This is not true. HIV can and does infect others. Sex between mutually faithful partners and usage of condoms are recommended approaches to reducing risk.

Signs of Risky Behaviour

How To Have Critical Conversations

How to use a condom

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