Few months ago a young man, pursuing his B.E. in Computer Science, called at the helpline. Panic had gripped him. He had had sex with a call girl a few months ago. This morning he noticed rashes on his groin. “Oh my God! It must be HIV.” He browsed the internet for the next 5 hours to learn about HIV. It left him even more confused.

“I had sex without using a condom 2 months ago. I have HIV! Please help me.”

This is a very common situation amongst callers. Fear at the very thought of getting HIV. Very typical situations when this happens are:
1. under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people take risks that they would otherwise not have
2. Peer Pressure
3. Wanting to “prove my masculinity”

Here are a few facts that you must know:

1. Unsafe sex can lead to HIV
2. Testing is the only way to find out. There are NO external signs or symptoms of HIV infection.
3. You have to wait for 3 months after exposure to get a foolproof test result.

What You Can Do:

1. Learn about safe behavior. Safe behavior is much more than just using condoms.
2. Do not panic if an incident occurs. Seek help from experts – HIV specialists, testing centres, helplines.
3. Learn how to deal with peer pressure:
a. Stand firm in the presence of pressure from friends
b. Believe in yourself, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody
c. Tell them about the risks
d. Tell yourself that it is not worth playing with life
e. Remember that under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you tend to take risks that are not worth it.
f. Leave the group if you have to
g. Talk to friends who really care about you, one-on-one
h. If you get cornered at a party, just leave. Remember, NOBODY can force you.

How can you limit the risk of getting HIV through sex?

No Need To Panic

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