Ankur Project 1

MCF volunteer counselors conducted sessions for disclosure of HIV status to affected children. SPARSH BALGRAM is an orphanage that has 18 children affected by HIV. Out of these 12 HIV Positive children in various age groups were taken for counseling.According to age group, different level of disclosure was done.

●Under 8 years: Partial disclosure

●From 8 to 12 years: Complete disclosure without sexual mode of transmission

●From 12 to 14 years: Complete disclosure with awareness about sexuality

●We have partnered with AIDS Orphan organization from U.K and have counselled 12 HIV positive children till date.

# Ankur Bal Mahotsav 19 Dec 2015



HIV Disclosure-Systematically done- For better Future


  • Systematically explaining a child of HIV Families (Affected/Infected) about their and parents status over a period of few sessions in around 6 months
  • Making sure that the child accepts this and help him/her develop a positive attitude towards Life
  • Try and manage Short term and Long term complications in the best possible manner

Why is it Important?

Every human has right to know about his/her illness, and about the reason for the medicine given

True knowledge about the HIV disease helps in improving

  • Drug-Adherence towards their medication
  • Future life related decision making process


Benefits of timely HIV status Disclosure:

  • Better understanding, absorption of knowledge in healthy state instead of ill-health
  • It’ll also help in being healthy in long term
  • Maturity for Important future decisions related to further education, Carrier and marriage planning
  • Guidance of a trained Professionals and experienced counselors
  • Good rapport between parent and child
  • Patience to face a few immediate adverse reactions

 Muktaa ANKUR Project : Our Experience

During HIV status disclosure process,we have not seen any major life threatening adverse consequences of HIV disclosure done systematically

Rather it has helped in better relation development between the parent and child

Dr Rupa Agarwal

Muktaa Charitable Foundation.