What do I tell my child about HIV

Is your son or daughter in high school or, about to join college or, getting married?

This is a great opportunity for you to talk about issues that may affect his or her life. HIV must be on that list of things to talk about.

Know that children even in high school may be sexually active. Your child may not have the right information about sex. Do not hesitate to talk about this issue with your child. It may save his life. Learn about the biological, emotional and social aspects of sex. Talk to your child about the risks he may face and how to take care of himself. Understand that sex is Nature’s gift. But with it comes responsibility.

Marriage: it is one of the most important events in life. An exciting new phase for your son or daughter. You would do everything you can to help them lead a happy, successful married life. Doesn’t it make sense to deal with the risk of HIV? HIV affects entire families and can even push them to destitution. HIV is not a disease of others. HIV can come home.

It can be difficult due to socially to broach this topic. You could try to make a tentative suggestion to the other side without alarming them. You could ask some other family member to raise the topic. You could suggest that the boy and girl discuss it between themselves. For more specific ideas, call the helpline.

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